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Nov 3, 2012 - New Bon Balou Video from the 70 day test Stadium Jumping

We are into the final 2 weeks of the 70 day test at Silver Creek Farm in OK.  This past week they held the stadium jumping finals portion of the test.  For this portion of the test each of the stallions are ridden by 2 test riders (one the first day, the second rider the second day) who judge their overall jumping rideability and give them a score, this along with the training judges score, plus the free-jumping and cross country, gives the stallions their jumping score towards the overall 70 day test score.  Here is the video of Bon Balou jumping the oxer at the end of the course, this is the oxer they raise to test their scope and how they ride to a bigger fence, for the stallions 5 and up it was raised to 1.5 meter.

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