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American Hanoverian Society - www.hanoverian.org
Belgian Warmblood Society (BWS) - www.belgianwarmblood.com
Canadian Sport Horse Association - www.canadian-sport-horse.org
Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - www.canadianwarmbloods.com
Dressage Canada - www.dressagecanada.org
Equine Canada - www.equinecanada.ca
Hanoverian Verband - www.hannoveraner.com
International Sporthorse Registry/ Oldenburg - Registry North America ( ISR) - www.isroldenburg.org
NA/WPN (US Dutch Registry) - kwpn-na.org
Oldenburg Horse Breeder’s Society - (German Oldenburg Verband in North America) - www.oldenburghorse.com
Oldenburg Verband - www.oldenburger-pferde.com
Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International (RPSI) - www.rhpsi.com
Swedish Warmblood Association (SWANA) - www.swanaoffice.org
Westfalen Verband (Germany) - www.westfalenpferde.de
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Eurodressage - (European and International Dressage and Breeding News) - www.eurodressage.com
Gaitpost Magazine - www.gaitpost.com
The Chronicle of The Horse - www.chronofhorse.com
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