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Height:16.2 1/2 hh
Birth Year:2001
Owner:Dreamscape Farm

Fee:$1500 Booking fee included collection fee 125
Availability:Fresh, Fresh Cooled ,Shipped, Frozen
Season:March 1 2017-Sept 1, 2017
Notes:EVA Negative, N/WFFS-Sagnol is a carrier for WFFS we recommend testing your mare prior to breeding

2001 Dark Bay/Brown Oldenburg Stallion - (Sandro Hit X La Belle)

A most promising dark coloured stallion by the World Champion in dressage, Sandro Hit, who is probably the most popular sire in the world right now because of his outstanding offspring. His daughter, Poetin, current Bundeschampion in dressage, sold for 2.5 million Euro at the PSI auction and is just the tip of his iceberg of exclusive offspring. 

Sagnol is a talented young dressage sire of calibre with three perfect gaits. He comes from the famous Holstein mare line 776, the legendary Ramiro line that never ceases to produce great highlights such as the sires Acorado, Calvados, Cortino, Lordanos or Rouletto. A countless number of his offspring are active in top level sport.  

What more can be said about his famous dam's sire, Landadel? Even after his death, his sons and daughters continue to leave a permanent mark on Oldenburg sport horse breeding. 

The Holstein sires, Fantast and Colt in particular, ensure a willingness to perform and the Thoroughbred stallions, Frivol xx, Cottage Son xx and Anblick xx add refinement and toughness to his pedigree. 

****Tested Homozygous for Black Pigment-No red factor detected. Cannot have red (Chestnut) foals regardless of the color of mate. Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence of other modifying gene****

Sagnol is fully licensed and approved for breeding by: 

German Oldenburg Verband 
Westfalen Verband
ISR/Oldenburg NA 
Canadian Sport Horse Association 
Canadian Warmblood 
All Southern German Associations


Jumping http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CcO6p6EWGE
Free Running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw6xCUU78lw

Sandro Hit
Sandro Song
Antenne II
El. St. Loretta
La Belle
Elvira I

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