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Birth Year:1996
Owner:Dreamscape Farm

Fee:$1000.00 $100 transfer fee
Season:Frozen available year round.
Notes:EVA Negative, Freestyle is tested Negative N/N for WFFS

1996-2016 Premium Black Westfalen Stallion, Class 1 Status - (Florestan X SPS Paloma)

Freestyle has a German Dressage Index of 151 points, the highest in North America, and in the TOP 1% of all German Dressage stallions 

Freestyle was born in 1996 and is a beautiful 17hh stallion with an athletic body, very well applied hindquarters and a super character. In 1998 at the Westfalenstallion Licensing, Freestyle was named a PREMIUM stallion.At the 100 day Performance test at Prussendorf he was awarded a perfect 10 for character and a 9 for temperament. In dressage he proved to rank amongst the best of his year and received a 9.33 for ridebility. His total score was 132.55 points. A truly versatile stallion Freestyle obtained a 7th place finish in jumping with an 8 for jumping ability. Freestyle was the overall winner of his performance test. Freestyle is a class 1 stallion based on his results in his stallion performance test.

Freestyle is a son of the famous Rhinelander stallion Florestan I, who was champion of the Rhineland approvals in 1998, and in 1989 he was champion of his performance testing in Warendorf. Florestan I has produced famous stallions as Fidermark, Florencio, Faveur, Fleurop, Furst Heinrich, Florestan I has taken the top position in the FN breeding values for a number of years. Florestan I is famous for producing performance horses with very high ridebility. In 2004 two Florestan I sons won both the 5 and 6-year-old World Young Horse Dressage Championships in Verden.

Freestyle himself is out of the famous mare line through Paloma. Paloma and her 4 sisters received the award of the " Best Family of Hessen" for 4 years in a row. Paloma has produced two approved stallions Freestyle and Flammengold, full brothers, and she received an 8.1 for her mare-test. Her sister Patricia was in 1997 the best mare of Hessen. The second full-sister Pretoria was the best 3-year-old mare of Hessen in 1999 and also received a score of 8,50 for her mare-test. The youngest sister Primavera was 2nd at the mare show for 2 year olds at Asfeld. Grandmother, Geisha, is a full sister of the dam of the world famous stallion Romadour II, sire of the Olympic Gold Medallist Rembrandt with Nicole Uphoff. The dam-line of Freestyle shows four State Premium mares on a row, Paloma, Pirocshka, Poxi and Geisha.

****Tested Homzygous for the Black Pigment-No red factor detected. Cannot have red(Chestnut) foals regardless of the color of mate. Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence of other modifying gene****

Freestyle is fully licensed and approved for breeding by:

Hanoverian Verband
American Hanoverian Society

Westfalen Verband
German Oldenburg Verband
ISR/Oldenburg NA
SWANA (for Swedish Mares)
Canadian Sport Horse Association
Canadian Warmblood
American Warmblood Registry

Freestyle's foals are also eligible for registration with:

NA/WPN (Reg A)
Belgium Warmblood
Danish Warmblood

Videos on You Tube:
Jumping - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwbOR-R0D2M
Free Running - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waqg2dc1RL4
Under Saddle - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4HeRkrqG-M

Furioso II
SPS Paloma
Parademarsch I
Paradox I
St. Pr. St. Piroshka
Romulus I
SPS Roxi

2002-Freestyle was the Reserve Champion 6 Year Old FEI Horse in the USA, at Dressage at Devon.

2003 - Freestyle made his debut at 4th Level and Prix St George Dressage in the USA and won

2004 - Freestyle was Champion and High score at 4th level in Canada, with scores to 69.5 % under FEI judges.

2005 - 5 Championships and High Score Awards at 4th Level. Champion at every show. Scores to 73.95%, and 72.326% from an FEI judge. Averaged 70% for 19 tests at 4th Level.

2008 Prix St George Dressage

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Nov 11, 2008
Freestyle foal's sweep the Canadian Sport Horse Foal Championships in BC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
On September 26th the Canadian Sport Horse Foal Championship for BC took place.  It was held at Dr. Ray and Judy Wise's Fairway Farm.  The Judge was Leslie Sibbitt from Ontario, it was a very nice class with several different stallions rep...Read More>
Jul 4, 2008
Dreamscape Farm's "Free Advice DSF" a Cover Girl for the Gaitpost Magazine
We were happy to see that our Freestyle filly "Free Advice DSF" was chosen as the cover girl for the July/August cover of the Gaitpost Magazine. Our friend Lori took this beautiful picture of Free Advice DSF running through the field at 3 days old. ...Read More>
Jun 10, 2008
Freestyle Colt Welcome Five Star DSF
On May 19 Oister our Jazz-Amor mare (stay tuned for an update on Oister dam line, very exciting), tried to close the filly to colt ratio gap and presented us with a dark bay Freestyle colt.  He is a handsome colt with a small star and two ...Read More>
Feb 27, 2008
Twinkel sired by Freestyle Dutch Indoor Champion !!!!
At the prestigious 2008 Dutch Indoor Dressage Championships in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, February 22-24, 2008. The mare Twinkel sired by Freestyle and ridden by Willem Jan Schotte was named Dutch Indoor Champion of the ZZ-Zwaar division.&nbs...Read More>
Feb 24, 2008
Beautiful Picture of a Freestyle Offspring in Holland
This Handsome boy is Toledo, a 8 year old Freestyle gelding in Holland.  This gelding is not only beautiful but he is also a successful dressage horse, he is showing ZZ level in Holland which is equivalent to our 4th level here.  Toledo was als...Read More>
Feb 13, 2008
Freestyle returns to the Show Ring at Prix St George
We are very pleased to announce that Freestyle made his return to the show ring at the FEI level.  With his heavy breeding commitments these last few years we have found it very hard for Freestyle to be both a breeding stallion and a dressage c...Read More>
Feb 2, 2008
First Foal of the Year- It's a Black Freestyle Filly
Our First foal of 2008 has arrived!! Pacific Sabra presented us with a beautiful black Freestyle filly, this is our fourth foal from this super cross.  The cross between Freestyle and Pacific Sabra is just so consistent, again this year the filly is...Read More>
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